Smart technology can improve every aspect of Hotel Automation and Sustainability

KNX Ireland and Hotel Automation

In todays world, consumers expect where they go to be in keeping with the times. They expect to receive the latest hotel automation and the chance to test it especially when they travel. What businesses are waiting for is technology to finally align itself with reducing operating costs. And together this sector and its consumers want one thing, simplicity. This is where KNX Ireland delivers.

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For residential, commercial and hotel automation KNX Ireland offers solutions for modernisation, cost efficiency and simplicity.

Simplicity in hotel automation. As specialists in Hotel technology, the KNX/Zennio app offers fully automated control from one device, easy integration and can be designed to fit every environment. The management information system has
multiple functions that can be accessed using one app that is compatible with smart phones and tablets. Thermostats and customisable touch switches, mechanisms such as light control, temperature changes, automated blinds and access control cards are enabled/disabled from reception. When arriving, skip queues at check in. Instead use the mobile app and head straight to your room. There you will find it pre conditioned as you control the thermostat, lighting, blinds and multiple electronic devices before you enter.

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The integrated building management system has presence detection for switching on/off temperature controls, leading to a reduction of costs and improved ease of use. Easy installation throughout the building including in common areas creates an holistic and modern environment.

Imagine the effectiveness of  self check that eliminates the hassle of queuing. Instead go straight to your room using the mobile phone app, the door automatically unlocking on arrival and  the heating systems and electronics ready for you as you enter the building. KNX Ireland caters to make a hotel stay that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Cost efficient in having an Management Information System that will allow you to spot maintenance issues before they become a problem. Finding units that require fixing before it worsens will reduce costs and prevent refunds from dissatisfied guests.

Simplicity in integrating a robust control system into your hotel’s smart technology will provide the reassurance of a long life and reduce operating costs in the several thousands per year. With its customisable access control design it can be combined with any décor. Operating in more than 100 countries, these are the kind of solutions that KNX Ireland delivers. Modern. Cost effective. Simple.

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