LUXORliving is the creation of Theben, a long standing manufacturing member of KNX Global whom offer a complete range of KNX Controls to the global KNX marketplace.

LUXORliving offers the same primary functional capabilities as KNX but with limited parameters so essentially stripped down devices which can be offered at very competitive price point in comparison to full KNX devices. Better still, for the end user there is a huge labour saving as a LUXORliving system does not require a KNX Integration Partner for setup or commission.

LUXORliving prides itself on its simple to operate system with the ability to easily visualise system components as they interact with your environment.

One of the best features of the LUXORliving system is it’s Binary Units which allow integration with conventional type Switches and inputs allowing the end user to maintain aesthetics already in place. In addition these Binary Units can be used to monitor other inputs such as temperature and humidity.

The LUXORliving system is programmed via the LUXOR-PLUG system which was designed with the professional installer in mind but allows for the end user to self educate and program the system themselves (should they wish). The system is then controlled via the Visualisation solution LUXOR-PLAY which is an easy to use app allowing dynamic control of inputs and outputs as well as rule setting, scene setting and logic creation all from a secure IP connection.

In 2020 LUXORliving added several new additions to the range including the ION range of Smart Switches, RF Components and an upgrade to the cloud system which now allows Smart Assistant Control (Alexa & Google Home).

How much is LUXORliving likely to cost me? Typically when comparing traditional wiring to the LUXORliving Smart Home System there is a 20-30% increase in cost with a 21-30 device system. When you break down the difference in monetary terms over a mortgage term of say 30years you are looking at a cost of £100-£200 per annum. In our eyes a small price to pay for comfortable living with clearly defined energy savings to be had.

View the full range and buy LUXORliving Online or continue your Smart Home research with these walkthrough video’s by Theben.