Lithe Audio Speakers

For high quality, affordable and comprehensive Multi-Room Audio look no further than the renowned Lithe Audio. The Lithe Audio UK Brand has rapidly become one of the most popular choices for home cinema rooms and professional audio applications and with good reason: What is WISA? WISA, stands for ‘Wireless Speaker & Audio‘ and is essentially […]

KNX Tech Ireland

KXN has long been accepted as the Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control meets core requirements of the various global markets. In addition, the nature of being open-source and non-proprietary allowing the market of 500 manufacturers to produce and support over 8000 KNX products allows freedom of choice for designers and engineers. With advancements […]

KNX Fan Coil Controller

A Fan Coil Controller is used to control the speed of a fan in heating and cooling applications across both residential and commercial applications. Speeds are automatically managed proportionally to the difference (manual setpoint offset) between the room temperature and the temperature set the user on the thermostat (Current Setpoint). Fan Coils Controllers are available […]

KNX Lighting Control System

KNX is globally recognised for many reasons, not least to mention it’s ability for Lighting Control which plays an important part in the end users interaction within a building. Of course, KNX is a BMS in it’s own right and caters for full Electrical and Mechanical specification which we discuss in this article. A KNX […]

Schueco KNX Partner

KNX Ireland are proud to be a Schueco Partner for Building Automations catering to KNX integration and SHEV design, install and commissioning. Schueco are widely regarded for their superior Aluminium Window systems which work beautifully as part of a larger KNX installation. The core benefits in using KNX for the control of your Schueco installation […]

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