Hotel Lighting Control

Lighting Control in the Hospitality industry has become a must given the dynamic of customer retention based on environmental factors such as reducing light levels over the course of the day. Further, advancements in luminaires types requires a modern solution capable of reliability and ease of use. At KNX Ireland, we specialise in Lighting Control […]

KNX SPI Control

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Digital LED Controllers are designed for use in the control of digital LED Strip / Tapes, or often called ‘Pixel Tape‘. This tapes allows individual control of each LED Chip meaning you can form linear sequences and complex colour effects. As with every new concept, there is a requirement for a […]

KNX Assisted Living

The modern day requirements of Assisted Living spaces require creative and interoperable solutions are are easy to use and maintain. Further, assisted living solutions need to be mindful of end-user needs (vocal operation, etc…) and safeguards (accident prevention and alerting). KNX, at its very core offers interoperability across Electrical, Mechanical and IT Systems with the […]

Lighting Busbar

At KNX Ireland, we also distribute a wide range of competitively priced Lighting Busbars catering to Phase and Control Solutions. Our most popular Lighting Busbar is DALI Ready and features 4 Conductors (L,N,E,L-EMG) and a DALI Connection (+/-) that can be tapped off into Standard or Emergency Tap Offs. Lighting Busbar simplifies the process of […]

Video Matrix KNX Integration

When we speak about Audio Visual (AV) in the KNX world, we generally refer to the IP Integration of AV components via a third party (proprietary) solution which often takes the form of Control 4, Savant, ELAN and RTI to name a few. At the core of a Video Matrix System, we have a Video […]

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