About Us

KNX Ireland is an organisation of two parts led by two companies in a bid to make everything from initial concept to final working installation as easy as possible for You – the end user.

The first section involves the Concept through Design and finally Supply of the KNX System and its components. This section is overseen by Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, an Electrical Wholesaler in Newry Co. Down with over 30 Years industry knowledge. Clanrye Electrical is the only approved KNX Wholesaler in Ireland and have a wealth of understanding of the technicalities of the system and the ability to make concept reality without overwhelming the end user with non-essential info.

To read more about Clanrye Electrical Supplies, Click here! View our KNX Wholesaler Certificate.

The second section involves the Installation and Commission which is lead via an initial consultation with Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, followed by a consultation with the client. This section is overseen by an Electrical & Mechanical Contractor whom are an approved KNX Partner with the team and tools to take the design drawings into the infrastructure.

In our experience of KNX one of the largest industry issues is helping the client understand what it is and what it’s about. Through the unique collaboration of Supply and Install we at KNX Ireland ensure a stress free solution.