About Us

KNX Ireland are a smart building automation specialist offering a complete service package including: Wholesale of Product, System Design, System Integration, System Program & Commission, Panel Building, Certification and more.

The first process of system design involves the concept through Design and finally supply of the KNX system components. These processes are overseen by Clanrye Electrical Supplies Ltd, an Electrical Wholesaler in Newry Co. Down with over 32 Years industry knowledge. Clanrye Electrical is the only approved KNX Wholesaler in Ireland and have a wealth of understanding of the technicalities of the system and the ability to make concept reality without overwhelming the end user with non-essential info. As a result of our strong roots in Wholesale Clanrye have been awarded distributor rights on many well established and regarded KNX brands to include: Theben, Gira, Jung, ABB, ISE, Pulsar and more.

To read more about Clanrye Electrical Supplies, Click here! View our KNX Wholesaler Certificate.

The second process involves the physical side of where the consultation from above meets reality under the control of our Electrical & Mechanical Contractor whom carry out the System Integration process as a certified KNX System Integrator. Services such as Panel Building and Full Electrical/Mechanical Installation are also available from our NICEIC partner but we can also work with your chosen third party Contractor to meet the project requirements.

Our full KNX service offering includes:

  • KNX Product Wholesale
  • KNX System Integration
  • KNX System Recovery/Repair
  • KNX Integration Services on retainer
  • KNX Panel Supply and Build

If you would like to meet/talk with the personnel behind KNX Ireland please get in touch with us.