Smart Yacht Technology

The Yachting and Marine industry has always been one of a luxurious nature that has an ever increasing requirement for comfort of living through technology. Smart Yacht’s is the named coined to Boats that offer an advanced level of control over the vessels functions, in particular the Saloon and Cabin quarters.

Shipbuilders and Ship Distributors are largely familiar with the options for Smart Technology onboard Marine Vessels however for the benefit of the end customer, here are some of features on offer:

  • Lighting Control including smooth dimming, scene setting and colour changing functionality
  • HD Quality Video & Audio Solutions with Media Distribution
  • IT Infrastructure including reliable Wifi throughout
  • Remote Access to your Yacht for security and function control
  • Stylish and Modern Wall Controllers, Remote Controls and Tablets

The benefits of KNX Smart Yacht Technology UK and Ireland is obviously in the control of the Yachts functions however this is by no means the extent. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight and low voltage Cabling infrastructure
  • Solutions for monitoring services including temperature, humidity, water, energy, etc…
  • Versatile, future proof and easily maintained
  • Caters for charter guests including service call, multi-lingual controllers, etc…

Whether you are building, buying or sell a boat/yacht, feel free to contact us for more information on what we can offer you to achieve your requirements.

Have a look at one of our preferred KNX solutions: JUNG KNX Yacht Brochure.