KNX Training Ireland

If you are seeking to become a qualified KNX Partner, your first step is to complete the KNX Basic Training Course. This course will teach you the basics of KNX including:

  • KNX Topology
  • KNX Device Types
  • KNX ETS Software Tool
  • TP Addressing
  • Group Address Structure
  • Group Addressing
  • Diagnostics

Courses typically cost around £900 and takes approximately 3 days of classroom based learning on both KNX Devices and KNX Software Applications. You will also receive a complementary ETS Lite Licence and a voucher for purchasing an ETS Professional Licence. Each training course will have 4-6 Trainee’s and 1 Tutor.

For more information on KNX Training including booking a slot, get in touch via the below form: