KNX Training Ireland

If you are seeking to become a KNX Integrator (Engineer), the first step is gain the necessary knowledge required to design, plan, program and commission a KNX installation.

At KNX Ireland, we uniquely offer two routes to achieve this:

  • KNX Association Certified KNX Basic Course
  • KNX Ireland Uncertified KNX Basic Course

Both training routes will cover the core curriculum as set out by the KNX Association (Brussels) to provide a solid foundation and understanding of the KNX Standard. The curriculum will cover:

  • KNX System Arguments (What is KNX & it’s History)
  • KNX System Overview (Stats and General Information)
  • KNX Topology (Media Application, Layout of a KNX system and Addressing)
  • KNX BUS Devices (Types and Use of KNX Device)
  • KNX Installation (System Design & Planning)
  • KNX ETS Software (Practical Demo & Exercise)

The below table further compares the two two training routes:

Course LocationDedicated Training Center (London)At your Office (Ireland or UK) or nearby Flexi-space Office
Course Duration3/4 Days2 Days
Number of Attendee’s6-8 Mixed Company1-3 Private to your Company
Kit RequirementsNo requirement to purchase Kit or licencing at this timeNo requirement to purchase Kit or licencing at this time
Theory ContentStrictly follows the Course curriculum Broadly follows the Course curriculum to allow for trainee specific goals
Practical ContentStrictly follows the requirements of the Test KitFlexible to include products of interest to the trainee
Course LiteraturePrinted SlidesOfficial KNX Association Course Book
Post Course SupportChargeable privately by course TutorFree ongoing support and technical assistance

So Certified v Uncertified? It should be noted that there is fundamentally no difference between training routes in terms of your market entry. The uncertified training route will be on par with the certified training route and you have the same access to purchase KNX products and KNX ETS licencing.

The uncertified training route has become significantly more popular as it offers trainees practical content based on their business goals, objectives and working knowledge. Further, the training is delivered in a private setting so tutor time is entirely dedicated to one company with a flexible delivery structure. Finally, the costs of training multiple employees is significantly less given the Tutor comes to you rather than booking flights, accommodation and expenses for multiple personnel.

In addition to the KNX Basic Training Course, we also offer refresher training and project specific training. For more information on KNX Training including booking a slot, get in touch via the below form:






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