What is KNX?

KNX is a revolutionary Smart Building Protocol allowing total building control including Lighting, Heating, Security, Energy and Audio/Visual from single nodes including Digital Wall Plates and Mobile App. KNX can be customized and scaled meaning it can be installed in anything from an apartment to a Stadium.

The KNX protocol utilizes a single screened pair cable to link all KNX devices in a ‘Bus Route’ style system, each device in the system is addressable and controlled by a central Gateway and expandable via a central server. The elements of a KNX system include Sensors (Motion, Temperature, Weather, Touch); Actuators (Switching Units, Values, etc…); Binaries (Local Switch Actuators) and RS Devices (Alarm and AV Integrations).

Every KNX system can be integrated with all 30,000+ devices from 300+ manufacturers which is a demonstration of its’ global adoption as THE smart home protocol. KNX is also the only Global Standard for home and building control with a design and commission tool (ETS), communication media and configuration modes.

KNX can be difficult to comprehend on first view, have a look at the benefits of KNX for some examples of the system and it’s uses. If your still unsure but your interested to learn more then get in touch for a free no obligation chat.