What is KNX?

Simply put – KNX is a Smart Building Protocol for Control and Automation

KNX is a world renowned and trusted Smart Building Protocol allowing total building control including Lighting, Heating, Motor, Access, Security, Energy and Audio/Visual from single inputs, for example: you have the ability to control every light in your home from a single light switch plate! Every KNX project is designed around the client’s requirements of aesthetics, functionality & budget and importantly KNX caters for small residential to large commercial buildings as standard.

The KNX protocol utilizes a single screened pair cable to link all KNX devices (Switches, Actuators, etc…) in a ‘Bus’ system. Each device in the system is individually addressed which allows other devices in the system to securely route and exchange data for the purpose of control (Switching a light on) and Feedback (Room Temperature).

The primary elements of a KNX system include a Power Supply, Sensor Inputs (Motion, Temperature, Weather, Touch), Actuators (Switching, Dimming, Blind Control), Binaries (Miniature Multi Function Devices) and Interface Devices (Alarm and AV Integrations).

KNX differs from our products on the markets for reason of being open-source which allows all of it’s 500+ Manufacturers to produce the 8,000+ certified devices that exist on the market today. Importantly every KNX certified device in fully compatible with every other regardless of age.

KNX is also the only Global Standard for home and building control with it’s own design and commission tool (ETS), communication media and configuration modes. Below is a screenshot of the KNX ETS5 software and the typical view of how a KNX Integrator programmes a KNX installation. Again a hugely significant benefit of KNX is the standardised rules which allows any certified KNX system integrator to access and program a KNX Installation.

KNX can be difficult to comprehend on first glance which is why we prefer to break it down into bite sized chunks giving you a general picture (prior to a consultation) of how KNX can meet your requirements. As a summary to this page have a look at some of the core benefits of KNX:

  • Energy Savings through Light and Heat Automation
  • Remote Control of all buildings services
  • Centralised Control of your home/building
  • 8000+ Products from 500+ Manufactures therefore achieving functionality and meeting design
  • Integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of protocols on the market – DALI, DMX, RS232, RS485, IP, MODBUS, BACnet and so on..
  • Scalable from Small Home to Football Stadium
  • Performs Logic based functions and allows control of multiple outputs as Scenes
  • Globally Recognised, trusted and Secure!

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