What is KNX?

KNX is a worldwide Standard for Home & Building Automation.

KNX is the only worldwide standard for home and building automation allowing complete building control including Lighting, HVAC, Shading, Security, Energy and Audio/Visual and more. KNX is a managed open-source and non-proprietary protocol with KNX partners globally.

KNX is a BUS wired system operating on SELV with an advanced topology making it robust, secure, versatile and scalable for deployment across Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Maritime applications.

KNX is often deployed in the residential sector due to its immense capabilities and usual design led approach. For more information of KNX Smart Home, we suggest you follow the link below:

Of course, as mentioned, KNX offers opportunities for much larger properties and even cities! Some of the core features that make KNX unique include:

  • Open Source & Non-Proprietary Nature
  • 100,000 Partners worldwide
  • 8000+ Certified Products from 500+ Certified Manufacturers
  • Multi-Media Application (FO, PL, IP, TP & RF)
  • Conforms to critical Security Standards
  • Meets global Electrical Standards
  • Forward & Backward Compatible
  • Decentralised Shared Intelligence approach

You can view KNX Project Case Studies via the KNX Association website.

The topology of KNX is traditionally based on the KNX TP1 twisted pair cable which allows connection of up to 256 devices per line and 57,375 KNX devices in a single project. The cable can be run up to 1000M in a single line with up to 350M between devices. The cable is SELV and can be run directly alongside mains power.

KNX has it’s own engineering tool known as ‘ETS‘ in which all KNX devices conform to ensuring true interoperability.

KNX also has the ability to interface many other protocols/standards including: BACNET, MODBUS, M-BUS, Serial, DALI, DMX and so on.

For Architects and MEP engineers, we offer a CIBSE certified CPD on the KNX protocol, to arrange please contact us via email or book via the link below:

If you are a homeowner or developer looking to discuss using KNX on your project, please book a complimentary consultation via the link below:

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