You’ve arrived at one of Ireland’s leading Smart Home and Building Automation providers, the only approved KNX Wholesaler in Ireland and the start of your journey into building automation, resource conservation and comfortable living.

With KNX you have complete control over your building through integration with Lighting, Heating, HVAC, Audio/Visual, Security and more. KNX offers the opportunity to automate outputs based on dynamic input changes such as a rise in temperature, rain outside and presence detection.

Entirely automate your Lighting using pre-defined Scene’s monitored with Sensors

Complete control over zonal heating for an energy efficient home or business

Control Blinds, Windows and other Motorised Devices around your property.

Control everything on the go as you need and when you need

KNX is the globally recognized protocol by which components and software conforms allowing over 400 suppliers to supply over 8000 products to be used in combination in a single KNX installation. Read more about KNX.

If you like what you’ve seen so far then get in touch with us for a free consultation. We can discuss several options including a full installation, future proof infrastructure and integrating existing systems into the one KNX mainframe.