Based on the JUNG switch of the early years, the LS 1912 Toggle switch collection transforms modern mechanics on a traditional faceplate. The switch mechanism is designed so that the cover closes flush with the frame for a seamless finish. The Rocker element is available in Cones, Cubes and Cylinders with or without Neon LED Indicator.  

The JUNG LS1912 Collection is available in the LS990 & LS Zero frame with 1 to 5 Gang Mounting. The collection is available in the following finishes:

  • Metal, Aluminium
  • Metal, Stainless Steel
  • Metal, Dark Anthracite
  • Metal, Classic Brass
  • Metal, Graphite Black
  • Metal, Snow White

The LS1912 range can also be mounted alongside other conventional wiring accessories including sockets and data points.

To learn more about the LS1912 Collection including quotations and project design sheets, contact our sales team.

To visualise your project, we suggest downloading the JUNG AR Studio Tool.

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