KNX MPA, a registered networked visualization solution of KNX Ireland, stands for KNX Multi Protocol Architecture and was developed to overarch the obstacles to the remote universal monitoring of diverse and multi-protocols.

KNX Ireland’s engineered architecture solution is structured on existing Wide Area Network (WAN) technology with the core functionality of:

  • Permitting secure control & monitoring of data elements via extremely powerful but network-light architecture
  • The capability of tethering an infinite number of separate buildings or remote sites to a single (or multiple) monitoring destination regardless of Geo Location
  • Utilising multiple protocols in an integrated IP architecture with imbedded protocol translations
  • Construction on the basis of a one-time purchase client-licencing model, which can be fully extended to cater for expansion or the roll out to further buildings and or remote site
  • Bespoke visualisation with trending data
  • Comprehensive control via scripts, logic and timers

The core structure and design of the KNX MPA solution is largely unrivalled in the overarching control and automation world given the nature of complexities required for the monitoring of multi-protocol from a central monitoring station. To understand this better, let’s look at a common example:

Take a company operating through a number of buildings scattered through a city and or remote sites located in different cities, with diverse and independent operating and control systems. The company would like the ability to monitor building/ site data, such as Water usage, Energy usage and particularly life-critical systems such as the Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting. The company would also like the ability to monitor data from the auto-testing of systems such as Lighting and emergency lighting. KNX Ireland KNX MPA solution utilises a centralised server configured to receive (and send) certified data packets from each of the buildings and or remote sites independently from the others. Given each installation has a volume of non-essential data, we configure the server to drop all non-essential data during the real time transfers.

If you would like to receive further information or discuss an upcoming project which might benefit from a KNX MPA solution, please contact our projects division to arrange a consultation.