KNX Benefits

The fundamental concern with ‘Smart Building Technologies‘ is understanding the capabilities warranting the value in the system and why you should invest in the first instance. KNX can scale to unimaginable proportions with dynamic, fluent and logic controlled variables making it the perfect solution for both Residential and commercial buildings.

Have a look at some of the high level benefits the system has to offer:

No Light Switches

Whilst it’s difficult to imagine ‘no switches’ this is easily accomplished with a KNX system.

Struggling to imagine it? Lets give you an example. When you walk into your bathroom a discrete Ceiling Sensor activates your lights to 100% brightness. You step inside the shower and the Shower cubicle Downlights turns on to 100% brightness whilst dimming the other ceiling lights to 20% brightness. You get into the Bath and all lighting reduces to 10% brightness whilst your sound system automatically starts playing a relaxing playlist.

Zoned Heating Control

KNX isn’t just about lighting controls, it offers numerous opportunities to save you money through energy conservation.

KNX offers the ability to zone your heating system (whether UFH or traditional) via retrofit to your manifold heating system. This allows you the ability to control and automate the heating throughout your house and do so by room.

Lets take another example, a discrete micro sensor placed in the ceiling of each room records the temperature in real time, this in turn controls the value relating to that room. When you enter the room the value will adjust to increase the temperature with the understanding that the room now has occupants.

Security Controls

With KNX you have the ability to integrate any type of binary device including your security systems.

Lets say your not at home so your Intruder Alarm is engaged (on), a person jumps over your wall making their way towards your home. Your CCTV system detects movement and switches on select interior lighting to give the illusion your at home. If the intruder proceeds closer the system then switches on all exterior floodlighting systems and sends you an SMS alert. This can be customized and scaled to suit your needs.

Energy Conservation

KNX boasts the ability of up to 60% energy saving capabilities in a home or business. The system is able to do by utilizing logic with various binary inputs (sensors, switches, etc…) in order to trigger certain outputs (Lighting, Heating and HVAC controls) and ultimately save on excess energy and fuel usage.