LUXORliving Smart Home

The LUXORliving Smart Home System was introduced to the market by Theben as a low cost, easy to program/use and flexible Smart Home Solution. Despite the LUXORliving software being proprietary, the products are ‘KNX’ at heart and can be reprogrammed as KNX devices if the requirement advances. LUXORliving does however have a comprehensive range of devices that easily cater to the requirements of any residential or small commercial project.

Taking a look at the core features of the LUXORliving system you have the ability to control Lighting, Heating / HVAC, Security, Blinds / Awnings and more from both inside the dwelling and remotely via the easy to use LUXORplay application.

One of the crucial design requirements was to ensure the LUXORliving product could be easily programmed whilst maintaining solid functionality and Theben have perfectly achieved this. The LUXORplug programming tool is also free to use and the drag & drop concept makes for easy setup and alteration by integrator and end user.

So what about cost?

Systems vary depending on requirement however the price typically starts from around £1000 for an average 8 Channel Lighting Control System and it is possible to achieve a very comprehensive 40 mixed channel system including room controls and remote access for around £7000!

For more information and quoting on LUXORliving, get in touch with our sales team: info@knxireland.com

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