Gira X1 NFC Scene Control

One of our favourite Visualisation servers is the Gira X1 in conjunction with the Gira S1 offering a full suite of functions including logic, scene and timer controls.

One of the newest features (2022) on the Gira Mini-Server platform is the introduction of (1) end user scene setup and configuration and (2) the use of NFC (Near Field Communication) to run same scenes.

We were keen to get testing this new feature and on our early tests we trialled NFC Stickers as shown to the right. These stickers are a few pound on the marketplace and readily available.

During testing we placed a number of NFC tags around our testing suite and commenced setting up scenes including simple light on/off and more complex scenes for control of lights and security.

Verdict: Amazing new feature that can be very easily integrated into any KNX project even after project completion by the system integrator.

So how does the system work?

  • Open the Gira Smart Home App and select the ‘Cog’ for System Menu
  • Select ‘Manage Functions’ and click the ‘+’ button to create your new scene
  • Select the ‘Scene’ option and follow the on-screen process to configure this new scene
  • Once the scene has been saved return to the ‘System Menu’ and select the ‘NFC Tag’ option
  • Remove an NFC from the roll/paper and hold it against the back of your phone as you select the scene you have just created. Note you may need to enable NFC on your device
  • The app will beep and confirm successful pairing
  • Next time your phone comes into contact with the NFC tag the scene will automatically run. Note your phone needs to be unlocked

For more information and how you can integrate the Gira X1+S1 into your project, contact our sales team: info@knxireland.com

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