Smart Home NI

Are you interested in Smart Home and Home Automation?

KNX Ireland is the only certified KNX Wholesaler in Northern Ireland with 2 internal KNX System Integrators allowing us to deliver Smart Home Solutions across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We specialise in full system integration by incorporating:

  • Smart Control of Lighting (Switching and Dimming)
  • Smart Control of Blinds and Shutters
  • Smart Control of Heating, HVAC and Pumps
  • Smart Control of Security including Door Access, CCTV and Intruder
  • Integration with your Smart Assistants (Alex, Google, Other…)
  • Automation and Scene control of all the above

What makes KNX so different to the other options on the market is it’s key attributes:

  • Over 3000 Products to choose from
  • Integrates with EVERYTHING
  • Recognised as the Worlds best Control & Automation Protocol
  • Over 30 Years tried and tested
  • Absolutely indisputably SECURE!

In addition to KNX we can also offer full system installations of Audio Visual which as you guessed also integrated seamlessly into KNX. The benefits – control your surround sound, TV, Lighting, Heating and more from your REMOTE CONTROL!

If your interested to know more about us and KNX please get in touch – a chat is always free (regardless of how many hours!).

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