Smart Homes Ireland

Are you interested in Smart Home and Home Automation?

KNX Ireland is Irelands largest dedicated KNX Distributor with an experienced internal integrations team allowing us to deliver Smart Home Automation solutions across Ireland and the UK. We specialise in full system integration by incorporating:

  • Smart Control of Lighting (Switching and Dimming)
  • Smart Control of Blinds and Shutters
  • Smart Control of Heating / HVAC
  • Smart Control of Security including Door Access, CCTV and Intruder
  • Integration with your Smart Assistants (Alex, Google, Other…)
  • Automation and Scene control of all the above
  • Third Party Integrations (DMX, DALI, etc…)

What makes KNX so different to the other options on the market is it’s key attributes:

  • Opensource and non-proprietary solution
  • Over 8000 certified Products from 500+ manufacturers
  • Integrates with all popular protocols (DALI, etc…)
  • Recognised as the Worldwide Stand in Building Automation
  • Over 34 Years tried and tested
  • Secure and Reliable

If you are interested to know more about KNX Ireland and Smart Homes NI, please get in touch.

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