KNX Installation in a Listed Building

Recently we had the pleasure to liaise on a high profile project in London where a main Contractor had acquired a property constructed in 1705. This amazing property has decades of history embedded in features such as it’s numerous Fire Places and original Wood Panelling.

As a listed building it was crucial to preserve the nature of the building whilst re-developing it for a Modern world. Various trade’s co-ordinated on the installation of replacement cables throughout the property allowing for the KNX install. This KNX installation was particularly interesting as it included:

  • Lighting Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Heating Control
  • Air Circulation Control
  • Fire Prevention Mist System Control
  • Door Entry Control

Throughout the property the architect has specified the use of JUNG 8 Gang Switch Plates bespoke made to order to match in with the Hamilton Hartland CFX Wiring Accessories used throughout. Each switch plate can be configured to control any output, for example:

  • Button 1 – Spotlights On
  • Button 2 – Spotlights Off
  • Button 3 – Room Scene 1
  • Button 4 – Room Scene 2
  • Button 5 – Room Scene 3
  • Button 6 – Room Scene 4
  • Button 7 – Room Heating On/Off
  • Button 9 – Room HVAC On/Off

In addition each Switch acts as the Room thermostat and displays the process in cycle with the LCD Screen in the centre of the Switch Panel. The possibility for room control are endless with the Jung range of KNX switches.

As mentioned earlier, the entire dwelling received a Modern face lift such as this stunning Kitchen finished in an Antique Steel colour and a White with Gold Vein Quartz Top. The Kitchen was also fitted with it’s own HVAC system supporting air intake and output via a 2″ wide by 3M long ceiling track.

Despite the amazing attention to detail on the Decor throughout this property we found the the most impressive room to be Plant Room! This is the brain of the property controlling the physical switching and dimming of all circuits. The panel is built as follows:

  • Row 1: LNE Din Rail Terminals for Circuit Distribution
  • Row 2: KNX Switching and HVAC Actuators
  • Row 3: KNX Switching Actuators, KNX Switch Panel Brain, KNX IP Gateway
  • Row 4: KNX Switching Actuators
  • Row 5: RCBO’s & KNX Visualisation Server

This was a truly amazing KNX project encompassing all elements of Smart Building Control allowing for dynamic and automated control customised to the end users requirements. The addition of the Babtec KNX Visualisation Server (demo below) allows the end user to reprogram outputs and create scenes easily and without the need for a KNX partner.

If your interested in learning more about this project please get in touch.

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