Build a Smart home Ireland

At KNX Ireland, we specialise in Smart Homes Systems in Ireland including the integration of all building services such as:

  • Lighting
  • Heating / HVAC
  • Blinds
  • Security (Intruder, CCTV, Doors, etc…)
  • Audio & Visual
  • IOT (Smart Assistant and Remote Access)

With over 36 years electrical industry experience, our wealth of knowledge and expertise in systems has allowed us to excel as one of Ireland’s top KNX Partners! This in turn is recognised by our clients reaching from Cork to Antrim.

Our Smart Home Installation service in Ireland is catered to the needs of our clients and we relish the opportunity to be challenged on each project through innovative and creative logic and concept.

The conversation about smart home systems can be long and complex one but our prospect and onboarding processes are clearly defined and configured to help remove the complexity for transparency in pricing and end result.

If you’re building in 2022 or thereafter, get in touch with us for a phone consultation.

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