KNX Smart Building Controls Ireland

KNX is the trusted choice for specifiers seeking to ensure comprehensive and secure control of commercial buildings! So what makes KNX stand out from ‘competing’ systems:

  • KNX is secure whether on IP or TP
  • KNX incorporates all building functions into the one central control system
  • KNX can directly interface with these functions rather than via third party protocols
  • KNX can also interface with every major protocol on the EU market
  • KNX is scalable and without limitation
  • KNX is SELV (ease of installation)

So what forms can KNX take on a commercial project?

  • DALI Control: KNX can be used as the DALI Master in a DALI installation with the control side of the system being KNX
  • Shading Control: KNX can be used for the control of shading to meet LEED requirements, i.e.: lower blinds during peak temperatures
  • KNX IO: KNX can be used to interface lighting and access in the event of Fire Alarm Activation
  • Weather Monitoring: KNX can be used to control awnings and windows to make adjustments based on adverse weather conditions

KNX Ireland have worked on a number of high level commercial projects throughout Ireland and our ever growing client base attests to our expertise and professional service.

If you’ve a commercial project and would like to discuss how KNX can be added as the primary BMS and/or in addition, please get in touch.

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