KNX DALI Control

In addition to the provision and commission of KNX systems we can also provide a DALI programming service which is mounted on a KNX backbone. This setup allows full control of your DALI Lighting setup via Phone, Tablet, Wall Plate and automated Scene Control. In addition you also have the ability to upgrade your system to accommodate other features of a standard KNX system including blind control, access control, heating control and more.

The benefit of mounting a DALI line on a KNX backbone is the extension of devices per lines whereby each fixture typically has a DALI ballast (i.e.: 1 Device) which means you quickly use up the available devices per line. In contrast 1 KNX device can run up to 16 Lighting circuits albeit at a lesser level of reporting (i.e. no reporting on ballast, lamp nor battery). Combine the two protocols gives you endless possibilities and opens up the opportunity for sideways integrations.

For more information on DALI control, programming and pricing get in touch with us.