KNX DALI Control

In addition to the provision and commission of KNX systems, KNX IRELAND can also provide DALI programming services where the DALI Devices are mounted on a KNX DALI Gateway and therefore a KNX backbone. This setup allows full control of your DALI Lighting via Phone, Tablet, Wall Plate and automated Scene Control. In addition you also have the ability to upgrade your system to accommodate other features of a standard KNX system including blind control, access control, HVAC and more.

The benefit of mounting a DALI line on a KNX backbone is a greater level of control and reporting from a self contained Building Management System (KNX) without the need to invest in additional BMS and engineers to tie the system together. KNX also allows for a greater topology and a higher level of functionality per device compared to traditional DALI Devices.

The KNX DALI system works in the same fashion with 64 ECG’s (Ballasts) controlled either separately or in groups (max 16) with functionality to support ECG Failure and Emergency Luminaire Testing (Short & Long). The testing of Emergency luminaires can also be automated with reports and certificates issued directly from the system.

As the entire Control side of the system is on the KNX Backbone, each of the other services in the building have a clear path to integration with control from a powerful central server, for example: HVAC, Window Systems, Venting, Fire Alarm, etc..

For more information on DALI control, programming and pricing get in touch with us.