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Smart technology can improve every aspect of Hotel Automation and Sustainability

KNX Ireland and Hotel Automation In todays world, consumers expect where they go to be in keeping with the times. They expect to receive the latest hotel automation and the chance to test it especially when they travel. What businesses are waiting for is technology to finally align itself with reducing operating costs. And together […]

KNX Tech Ireland

KNX has long been accepted as the Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control meets core requirements of the various global markets. In addition, the nature of being open-source and non-proprietary allowing the market of 500 manufacturers to produce and support over 8000 KNX products allows freedom of choice for designers and engineers. With advancements […]

KNX Lighting Control System

KNX is globally recognised for many reasons, not least to mention it’s ability for Lighting Control which plays an important part in the end users interaction within a building. Of course, KNX is a BMS in it’s own right and caters for full Electrical and Mechanical specification which we discuss in this article. A KNX […]

Motion Vs Presence Detection

Different applications require different solutions and the world of detection is all too familiar with this notion. This short article will provide an explanation as to what exactly is the difference between Motion Detection and Presence Detection. Motion Detection is generally less sensitive and designed to detect larger ranges of motion such as an arm […]

Future Automation Enclosures

Future Automation Enclosures are a popular choice of KNX, Loxone, Lutron and Creston Integrators throughout the UK and we are delighted to have been approved as a certified dealer of the full Future Automation Collection. The entire range of Future Automation Panels Ireland features standardised DIN Rail, finger trunking, dedicated Earthing and Neutral bars plus […]

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