If you haven’t already read our article on the benefits of KNX we highly recommend it in relation to this article which showcases a small few of the thousands of possible scenario’s for a KNX building.

Scenario One: Your building a house and you need to put the electrical works out to tender, you need to either consult your Architect or your Electrician to make firm decisions on the wiring for lighting circuits throughout your house.

KNX Solution: With KNX you can control every light fixture in your house from one location or multiple locations and better yet you don’t need to decide the switching until your ready to move in!

Scenario Two: You find your heating a large house/building with little to no occupancy and your looking a solution to reduce your heating bill!

KNX Solution: With KNX you can control every room as an individual zone with either UFH (Under Floor Heating) or/and traditional radiators. Each room can automatically control it’s own temperature based on sensors within the room.

Scenario Three: Your currently using 15 different phone/tablet apps to control your Lights, Heating, Alarm, CCTV, AV, etc… each app with different login details requiring access to personal data you don’t want to give!

KNX Solution: With KNX you can control everything (not an exaggeration) with a single app including logic controls, timed functions, etc… KNX links with hundreds of different suppliers so you even have control over which app you want to choose and all of them integrate with KNX no questions asked!

Scenario Four: Your building a flexi office space with moving partitions and can’t decide where to place your switches – there’s also a concern for safety as partitions are regularly moved

KNX Solution: With KNX, switches can run on 36V DC so you can move and drop them anywhere you need and because the cable is ELV jointing above ceiling is safe and easy! KNX also utilise a BUS connector which disconnects from the switch itself meaning the system runs on while you make the alterations.