KNX Energy Saving

Climate change and ever-depleting resources mean that efficient energy use is a key social issue. As they account for 40% of total energy consumption, buildings represent considerable energy saving potential. KNX meets the requirements of the top Energy Performance Class for building automation meaning it is ideally suited to fulfilling the tighter energy consumption requirements for buildings. Through intelligent control of building system technology with KNX, the energy consumption of a building can be halved. 

A research project conducted at  Bremen University of Applied Sciences involved the fitting of KNX controls and equipment for regulating heating and lighting. Data taken from 2 identical Classrooms (1 automated and 1 conventional) was evaluated over a 4 year period and the findings concluded a impressive 50% energy consumption saving. Bremen University then concluded that the energy savings along would pay back the investment after just one year.

In summary, KNX allows the following energy savings to be made:

  • up to 40% with KNX Shutter control
  • up to 50% with KNX single room control
  • up to 60% with KNX Lighting control
  • up to 60% with KNX Ventilation control

You can read more about KNX energy saving here via this downloadable PDF.