Hotel Guest Room Management System

As with all modern buildings, a fully integrated solution is crucial to the overall enjoyment and longevity of the building. This has become especially true in the Hospitality Industry where guests expect a superior level of comfort and management seek to maximise efficiency.

At KNX Ireland, we have many hospitality solutions, one of which is the very impressive Zennio ZSH (Zennio Suite for Hotels) solution. This system combines the individual control of each room with the booking system for a secure and easy to manage solution. Here’s how the core system works:

  • Each room is fitted with a Lighting & HVAC control System including the relay block and a central room control switch
  • Each room is then interfaced with the central BMS server
  • The server allows room management of both Lighting & HVAC as well as checking for occupancy, setting welcome scenes and so on
  • The server also controls access with a number of options available including conventional keycard access and/or bluetooth access via mobile application

The extent of the system cannot be explained in the form of this blog therefore, please refer to the below links for a more comprehensive overview:

For more information including a bespoke presentation, please get in touch with our projects team: