Case Studies

Some case study examples completed by KNX Partners demonstrating the versatility of KNX in both residential and commercial.

Family Home, Dublin

Residential KNX Project in a family home in Dublin Ireland

Cooperative HQ, Manchester

KNX Project on the Cooperative HQ commercial building in Manchester UK

House in Mühlacker, Germany

This case study was provided by KNX and demonstrates the scale that a residential project can reach when the end user understands the prospects of a KNX system. The project was completed in 2019 and used only 25 KNX devices yet through intuitive wiring the end user is able to control individual lighting circuits throughout […]

Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

In early 2022, we were contracted by the Carrickdale Hotel & Spa to specify, supply, program and configure a KNX Dimming Control system for ‘Dales Lounge‘. Some of the core elements of the project included: On this project we utilised the following equipment: Lighting circuits were split into 16 channels with majority running as TRIAC […]