Thinknx Audio Integration

Through our partnership with Italian manufacturer Thinknx, it’s possible to integrate your Audio inputs and outputs in the same KNX BUS System. The Thinknx system allows control of your Audio Outputs via Mobile/Tablet in cooperation with local storage, Spotify, AirPlay, Sonas, DAB Radio, etc…

The benefit of integrating your Audio with your KNX system is to allow automation of control, for example: soft music automatically plays when you enter a Bathroom. There’s also the benefit of whole home Audio control from any digital switch devices you may have.

The Thinknx Audiofy Audio System can also be upgraded to a home server allowing the control of Security, Energy, Video, Lighting and HVAC control from within the device itself and via the KNX bus. Once you upgrade the system to server status you will have the ability to integrate other non-KNX devices including those with Z-Wave or Zigbee framework such as Light Bulbs.

To learn more about Thinknx and how to integrate please get in touch with us.