KNX DMX Control

In addition to the provision and commission of KNX systems we can also provide a DMX programming service which is mounted on a KNX backbone. This setup allows full control of your DMX Lighting setup via Phone, Tablet, Wall Plate and automated Scene Control. In addition you also have the ability to upgrade your system to accommodate other features of a standard KNX system as well as commercial integrations such as DALI which can be used for Building Management purposes including checking of ballast, battery and lamp status.

DMX is a protocol used to communicate lighting effects ton and from lighting channels and commonly used in Colour Changing applications because of the wide range of options (Strobe, Flash, Static, Fade, etc…). Although DMX is typically a commercial product it is also worthwhile considering DMX control within residential projects where the number of colour changing products is greater than say 4 or 5.

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