New Build Guide

When looking at Smart Home and Building Automation for a new build project, it’s important to inquire early as the process from concept to implementation can be extensive based on the application and requirement. Our solutions are tailored around the individual at a intricate level to ensure we maximise the benefits of automation and intelligence. Our unique approach ensures that you can enjoy your property to it’s fullest without needed to be a technical person, i.e.: we carry out the complex processes so you only need enjoy!

If you are actively seeking a Smart Home, you will likely have an idea of what you are looking to achieve, this may include:

  • Control of Lighting (Switching & Dimming)
  • Control of HVAC / Heating & Cooling
  • Control of Blinds & Shutters
  • Audio Visual including Multi-Room Audio & Cinema Room
  • Integration with Services (Fire, Intruder & CCTV)

If you aren’t totally sure what to expect with a Smart Home, then please download our Presentation Pack using the link below:

As you’ll read in the above presentation pack, our service offering involves an element of project management in liaising with your contractors to acquire the necessary details and advise upon service related matters. Some of the services we work alongside include:

  • Architects, Consultants and Engineers
  • Interior & Lighting Designers
  • Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
  • Blind Fabricators
  • Landscapers

So how does the process work?

  1. Firstly, we like to discuss your goals and provide some working knowledge on our system and opportunities
  2. We follow-up this stage by preparing a ‘concept budget’ to ensure the project goals are feasible with the budget
  3. Once the concept has been refined we move to the engagement stage and commence detailed discovery
  4. The next stage is preparation of the wiring schedules for Client approval & Contractor issue
  5. Once approved, we commence the off-site programming phase which can take several weeks
  6. The pre-programmed equipment and Panel is shipped to site for connection
  7. Once the Panel is powered up, we return to site for the final commissioning stage
  8. This is typically followed by a handover and demonstration meeting

We hope the above information has been insightful to process your interest and would invite you to make an inquiry via the form below: