Savant Smart Home

Savant is a premium smart home solution that focuses largely on Audio Visual distribution backed up by a beautiful suite of products and mobile/tablet applications. Savant in it’s own right has the ability to control and automate blinds, lighting, heating, hvac and more but we believe the true of power of Savant can only be realised when backed up with a KNX backbone. These two powerful protocols when used in sync give unparalleled control and optimum user experience.

One of Savant’s most distinctive features is it’s fully digital Wifi Remote Control which features an LED Screen and Smart Assistant functionality built in as standard. Savant in addition to it’s primary function of controlling your Audio and Visual components can also be used to control any KNX output (Light, Heat, Blinds, etc….).

Savant has also become well known for it’s use of Matrix Switching which allows an unlimited number of Audio (Spotify, Airplay, TV output, etc…) and Visual (TV, DVD, Apple TV, etc…) to be ‘mixed’ to any TV in the property either as a single output or in quad format as per below. This function allow you to stream several channels whilst separately controlling the audio feeds to parts of the property.

Through our partnership with Savant we can offer a full suite of legacy (cable) and IP Audio products including Amplifiers, Pre-Amps, Speakers, Sub-Woofers, Mixers, Sound Bars and much more. The entire Savant range is of the highest quality and offers an excellent array of features which makes for an ideal Smart Home Solution.

If your interested in Savant as a stand alone system to control your home Audio Visual we can accommodate full design, supply and commission. We can also retro fit or integrate as new along with a full KNX installation. For more information on Savant – click here or get in touch with us.