Smart Homes Ireland

Are you interested in Smart Home and Home Automation? KNX Ireland is Irelands largest dedicated KNX Distributor with an experienced internal integrations team allowing us to deliver Smart Home Automation solutions across Ireland and the UK. We specialise in full system integration by incorporating: What makes KNX so different to the other options on the […]


DALI is a well known Commercial Lighting control protocol that can be used with or independent to KNX. DALI allows the addressing of individual ballasts in lines of 64 luminaires (either individual or across 16 groups) for measures of light level control & reporting. For many years DALI has been a good solution for commercial […]

Plumbing Manifold Integration

Most modern home heating systems use what’s known as a ‘Manifold’ which allows separate zones in the home to be isolated and controlled manually. Manifolds are typically grouped to operate as ‘all on’ or ‘all off’ but thanks to KNX you now have the ability to independently control zones throughout your house. KNX allows this […]

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