Albrecht JUNG

Albrecht JUNG, is a German manufacturer of modern Building technologies with products meeting the core principles of Intelligent, networked, sustainable, secure and flexible. JUNG have a passion for innovation and design which has progressively developed since the company was founded in 1912.

JUNG also boast a strong market position within the KNX industry and offer solutions to residential and commercial properties in addition to core focus area’s of the Hospitality and Yachting industries.

KNX Ireland, are a Distributor of JUNG throughout the UK and Ireland, providing customers with competitive pricing, excellent pre & post sales services and comprehensive in-house technical support. Have a look at these popular JUNG Ranges:

LS Touch

Les Couleurs® le Corbusier

Plug & Light

LS 1912

For more information on JUNG including Pricing and Project inquiries, contact our sales team.

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