Schueco KNX Partner

KNX Ireland are proud to be a Schueco Partner for Building Automations catering to KNX integration and SHEV design, install and commissioning. Schueco are widely regarded for their superior Aluminium Window systems which work beautifully as part of a larger KNX installation.

The core benefits in using KNX for the control of your Schueco installation include:

  • Utilising KNX for weather measurement and actioning
  • Timed, Scene and Logic Control of Windows
  • Integration of Schueco to your HVAC system for building comfort
  • Increased security from the KNX secure BUS

We at KNX Ireland cater for Schueco installations on both residential and commercial buildings and we look forward to any inquiries:

  • For SHEV Control, contact: sps@knxireland.com
  • For Automation and Comfort Control, contact: rps@knxireland.com
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