KNX Lighting Control System

KNX is globally recognised for many reasons, not least to mention it’s ability for Lighting Control which plays an important part in the end users interaction within a building. Of course, KNX is a BMS in it’s own right and caters for full Electrical and Mechanical specification which we discuss in this article.

A KNX Lighting Control System can take many forms and include many unique components and/or subsidiary systems including:

  • DALI Lighting Control
  • DMX Lighting Control
  • Phase/Triac Dimming Control
  • 0-10V Dimming Control

Given the versatility demonstrated above, it’s easy to see how KNX can rapidly become the choice for specifiers and not only that but also meets the requirements of Energy Conservation for initiatives such as LEED and BREEAM.

Essentially these initiatives are achieved by the use of presence detection and constant light control in tandem with each % of dimming accounting for a % of energy saving. In addition, a properly specified lighting control system can minimise light pollution include glare and reflection which can often be an issue in modern office spaces.

The topology and infrastructure of a KNX Lighting System also provide a greater level of flexibility and a reduction in cables via it’s SELV BUS. This further achieves the requirements of a BREEAM and LEED building.

For more information on a KNX Lighting Control System Ireland, contact our KNX technical department.

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