KNX Tech Ireland

KNX has long been accepted as the Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control meets core requirements of the various global markets. In addition, the nature of being open-source and non-proprietary allowing the market of 500 manufacturers to produce and support over 8000 KNX products allows freedom of choice for designers and engineers.

With advancements in technology, the KNX topology of a project has drastically improved and manufacturers are consistently achieving new milestones. Before 2019, the maximum allowed devices on a KNX line was 64 however this could be expanded to 256 devices by adding Line Couplers. KNX TP1-256 was the name coined to the new standard which allows 256 devices on a single line without the need for line couplers. Of course, the limitation still lies with the power supply which at best limits the line to 128 Devices on a 1280mA PSU.

At KNX Ireland, we stock all forms of KNX Tech including Actuators, Binaries, Visualisation Servers, Push Buttons, Digital Interfaces and Core system devices. We have rapidly become the largest KNX distributor on the Island of Ireland through comprehensive stock profiles, competitive prices, excellent service and advanced technical support. For all your project and product requirements, contact KNX Ireland – info@knxireland.com

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