Building Automation Systems Ireland (BAS)

KNX Ireland is a premier specialist in the field of Building Automation Systems (BAS) offering a comprehensive solution of innovative hardware and software. Catering to the full scope of BAS, we offer control & monitoring of Lighting, Heating / HVAC, Shuttering, Security and more, within a single protocol.

Our solution offers centralized building control from an infinite number of stations in addition to a more advanced topology such as our KNX MPA solution allowing global centralised management with advanced SCADA Reporting. The ultimate goal of our design is user comfort, ease of use and sustainability whilst retaining complex big data for when the requirement arises.

KNX, the 33 year old global Building Automation Standard, is the perfect BAS with over 8000 products available from over 500 manufacturers including key gateways and integrations allow maximum interoperability. A primary example of such is the simple ‘Presence Detector’ which in the case of KNX has the ability to achieve the following from a single sensor:

  • Constant Light Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Occupancy Detection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • CO2 Monitoring
  • Noise Detection
  • Lux Level Reporting
  • Scene Control
  • Logic Control
  • Time Control

Essentially, this is a demonstration of how versatile KNX is when utilised in the field of BAS achieving the requirement of multiple systems within a single package. Furthermore, this single device can be fully pre-configured off-site ensuring project timelines are achieved.

It is also important to mention that KNX by default interfaces directly with all major protocol’s including: BACNET, MODBUS, DALI, DMX, LON, IOT and so forth.

For more information on KNX Ireland and our MPA and BAS solutions, contact our commercial director, Ryan.

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