Theben RM 4 Channel KNX C Load Switching Actuator (FIX1)

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  • 4-way C load switching actuator FIX1
  • With current recognition
  • For higher lamp loads
  • LED switching status display for each channel
  • Manual operation on device (even without bus connection)
  • Adjustable characteristics: e.g. switching, delayed switching, pulse function
  • Links, type of contact (NC contact/NO contact) and participation in central commands such as continuous On, continuous Off, central switching and save/call up scene
  • Switching functions: On/Off, pulse, On/Off delay, staircase light with warning
  • Logical links: e.g. lock, AND, release, OR
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Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤4 mA
Operating voltage 110 – 240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Stand-by consumption ~1.3 W
Installation type DIN rail
Width 4 modules
Type of connection Terminal screws | Bus connection: KNX bus terminal
Max. cable cross section Solid wire: 0.5 mm² (Ø 0.8) to 4 mm² | Stranded wire with end sleeve: 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²
Number of channels 4
Type of contact NO contact, 16 A, 10 A
Opening width < 3 mm
Resistive load 3680 W
Capacitive load 200 µF
Incandescent/halogen lamp load 2600 W
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) parallel-corrected 2000 W (200 µF)
Fluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast) 1650 W
Energy saving lamps 410 W
LED lamp < 2 W 75 W
LED lamp 2-8 W 850 W
LED lamp > 8 W 850 W
Inrush current max. 1500 A / 200 µs
Voltage output 240 V AC
Switching output Potential-free
Switching of various phases Possible
Suitable for SELV Yes if all channels switch at SELV
Accuracy current measurement I > 1 A: ± 8 % of measured value; I < 1 A: ± 100 mA; lowest measurable value: 150 mA
C load
Type Module FIX1
Ambient temperature -5°C … 45°C
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 669



German manufacturer with of high quality KNX components including actuators, binaries and DALI.


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