Theben VARIA 826 Multi-Function Room Thermostat

£254.06 + VAT

  • Multi-functional display with room thermostat
  • Freely configurable for displaying and controlling functions e.g. light settings, sun protection systems
  • Backlit display and integrated time switch
  • For control and regulation of heating, fan coils, air conditioning systems
  • Up to 7 different display pages
  • Automatic summer/winter time adjustment with power reserve
  • Controls up to 8 rooms via own temperature profiles
  • Weekly time switch with 8 channels with up to 3 different statuses, e.g. for light, shutters, fans etc.
  • 3 heating programs
  • Alternative continuous or on/off control
  • Operation modes: comfort, stand-by, temperature reduction at night, frost protection
  • Weather data from Theben weather stations can be displayed
  • Free choice of programming via the ETS without plug-in
  • Installation in flush-mounted socket
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Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤15 mA (<10 mA without button lighting)
Operating voltage 50 Hz
Frequency 50 Hz
Installation type Flush-mounted wall installation
Type of connection KNX bus terminal
Stand-by consumption ~0.4 W
Power reserve 1.5 years
Display Display with 132 x 72 points (8 lines with various functions) e.g. title, switching, dimming, blinds/shutters, % value, HVAC, counter value, temperature, 2-byte value, 8/16 bit counter value etc.
Display lighting LCD with white backlighting, dimmable
Ambient temperature 0°C … 45°C
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 730-1


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