LUXORliving M140 Weather Station

£394.15 + VAT

  • LUXOR 4800490, LXL 4800490
  • Self contained outdoor weather station LUXORliving
  • For measuring wind, rain, brightness and temperature
  • Rain sensor with integrated heating
  • For fully automatic blinds and sun protection control
  • Measurement and evaluation directly on device
  • Sun protection for up to 4 facades via 3 integrated brightness sensors


Operating voltage 110 – 230 V AC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤10 mA
Stand-by consumption <5.5 W
Measuring range brightness 100000 lx
Setting range temperature -30°C … 60°C
Measuring range wind speed 2 – 30 m/s
Ambient temperature -20°C … 55°C
Type of protection IP 44
Protection class II



LUXORliving has all the benefits of a full bodied KNX installation without the requirement for a system integrator. End users are able to program and maintain their system including setup of timers and scenes.


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