Theben TA 6 Channel KNX Binary Input Unit

£115.34 + VAT

  • Binary input/binary output sensor interfaces
  • 6-way key interface
  • 8-pole cable connection
  • Free allocation of functions: Switch/key, dimming, blinds, valuator, sequences, measuring temperature, controlling LED
  • 2 NTC inputs for detection of the actual temperature from -5 °C to +100 °C
  • Can be installed in flush-mounted sockets with conventional sensors/switches
  • Flexible LED controlling, thanks to increased output current of 3 mA commercially available LEDs and low curent LEDs can be controlled
  • Inputs can be reconfigured to outputs with parameterizable flashing and pulsing function
  • Colour coding of wiring pairs
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Lead Time Typically 2-4 Weeks
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