Theben CHEOPS Drive Heating Valve Actuator KNX

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  • Motorised actuator for heater valve or for controlling the heating valves
  • Without integrated control
  • Display via LEDs (red)
  • 2 inputs for window contact or presence detector
  • Display of valve stroke
  • Automatic valve stroke recognition
  • Simple installation by clicking onto valve adapter
  • Can be used in heating circuit distributor
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • With summer mode and valve protection
  • 2 different valve adapters included (VA 10, VA 78)
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Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤10 mA
Max. valve stroke 7.5 mm
Controlling torque details 120 N
Runtime <20 s/mm
Installation type Locks on valve adapter
Type of connection 6-pole (length 1.0 m)
Display Hubanzeige: 5 LEDs (5 x rot)
Behaviour in case of control signature failure Moves to optional position
Ambient temperature 0°C … 50°C
Stock temperature -20°C … 60°C
Medium temperature ≤100°C
Dimensions 50 mm, 82 mm, 65 mm
Protection class III according to EN 60730-2-14
Type of protection IP 21



German manufacturer with of high quality KNX components including actuators, binaries and DALI.


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