BES KNX DALIK Broadcast 3CH Gateway

£139.44 + VAT

  • Supply: 230V AC
  • Max. Power Consumption: 3.2VA @ 230V AC
  • KNX supply: 29V DC from BUS KNX
  • Consumption: 5mA
  • DIN rail mounted (4 modules)
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Gateway for controlling DALI protocol lighting through KNX. It allows to control 3 channels and up to 64 ballasts by broadcast orders, being possible to split number of ballast per channel as interested. Ability to configure up to 16 scenes. 3 inputs available for conventional push-button control. Possibility of use it as an autonomous device.


BES Ingenium

Spanish manufacturer of innovative KNX devices including Gateways for integration of multiple 3rd party system devices.


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