LXL Smart Home

LXL Smart Home is a Smart Home technology that utilises the principles of the ‘KNX’ protocol to deliver a secure and reliable smart home solution offering:

  • Lighting Control
  • Heating Control
  • Blind & Shutter Control
  • Access Control
  • Third Party Integration
  • and much more!

What does the LXL Smart Home system look like?

The LXL Smart Home system operates on an SELV 29V DC BUS Cable known as the KNX TP1 Cable. The abbreviation LXL stands for LUXORliving and both brand and technology are owned by the well regarded German manufacturer – Theben. The LXL Smart Home System can be controlled from Push Buttons throughout the property, the free Apple/Android Application (LUXORplay) and also by voice control (Alexa and Google).

For more information about the LXL Smart Home, contact our sales team or get in touch with one of our LXL Partners:

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