KNX DALI Gateway Interface

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  • The DALI Gateway KNX serves as an interface between the the DALI and the KNX system
  • A maximum of 64 DALI members can be connected to a DALI output
  • Individual control of up to 64 ECGs possible
  • Up to 16 groups can be switched, dimmed or set to a defined value
  • Operation of single battery emergency lamps according to EN 62386-202
  • Emergency lighting systems with central battery are also supported
  • Support of DALI “Device Type 8” (DT8) for controlling light color, brightness and color temperature
  • Status and error information for a visualization
  • Scene module for up to 16 different groups
  • Effect module for sequencers
  • LC display (2x 12 characters) for menu guidance during start-up and parameter settings
  • The DALI start-up takes place via the control elements on the device, via the integrated web server or via the ETS plug-in
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