BES KNX Micro IR Movement Detector

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  • Supply: 29V DC from BUS KNX
  • Consumption: 4mA from KNX BUS
  • Type of protection – IP20. Extra low security voltage SELV, 24V direct current
  • Size: Ø Embedded: 25mm / Ø Seen: 34mm / Length: 50mm
  • Mount: Mounted on the ceiling (embedded)
  • Detection range: Ø 5m at 2.5m height
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Constant light regulation sensor which is able to control lighting in function of two motion channels or independent of them. In combination with a dimmer it can maintain a constant brightness in a room. It is possible to adjust the presence sensor sensitivity in an easy way.

It also includes an additional thermostat to measure temperature where it is installed.


BES Ingenium

Spanish manufacturer of innovative KNX devices including Gateways for integration of multiple 3rd party system devices.


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