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KNX VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detector

A VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a Laser based smoke detection system. The name VESDA has become a generic name for most air sampling applications but is a trademark of Xtralis. A VESDA detector is similar to a vacuum cleaner in that it sucks air from the protected environment via purpose built aspirating […]

JUNG AR Studio

The JUNG AR Studio app provides a new way to experience the JUNG collection in ultra realistic digital format alongside your surfaces, materials and colours. Architects, planners, specialist installers and property owners can display JUNG products virtually in the room – anytime and anywhere – with the new app. Simply select a switch range, a […]

Building Automation Systems Ireland (BAS)

KNX Ireland is a premier specialist in the field of Building Automation Systems (BAS) offering a comprehensive solution of innovative hardware and software. Catering to the full scope of BAS, we offer control & monitoring of Lighting, Heating / HVAC, Shuttering, Security and more, within a single protocol. Our solution offers centralized building control from […]

KNX Fan Coil Controller

A Fan Coil Controller is used to control the speed of a fan in heating and cooling applications across both residential and commercial applications. Speeds are automatically managed proportionally to the difference (manual setpoint offset) between the room temperature and the temperature set the user on the thermostat (Current Setpoint). Fan Coils Controllers are available […]

Motion Vs Presence Detection

Different applications require different solutions and the world of detection is all too familiar with this notion. This short article will provide an explanation as to what exactly is the difference between Motion Detection and Presence Detection. Motion Detection is generally less sensitive and designed to detect larger ranges of motion such as an arm […]

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