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Automate Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Light Testing is a process undertaken to ensure emergency luminaires continue to meet regulatory standards and carry out their designed function in the case of an emergency egress. Emergency Lighting takes two forms: Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement in the UK and Ireland with strict codes governing the placement, function, light output and […]

Smart Homes for Landlords

With the fact that one in five people in the UK & Ireland are now renting their home, landlords are continuously on the look out for opportunities to make their rental properties more desirable and of greater rental value. In a 2021 survey conducted by ‘Wise Living Homes’ of over 1000 renters across the UK, […]

Surround Sound Audio

At KNX Ireland, we primarily focus on the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) portions of a Building Automation Project however we are equally as comfortable with Home Audio Distribution Systems. Designing an Audio Solution is more than just selecting speakers, it requires attention to details factoring in surfaces/textures, placement, room environment and much more. A […]

How to install JUNG LS Zero Products

The JUNG LS Zero range is a collection of wiring accessories suitable to be flush mounted on a range of services including Masonry, Plaster Board and Timber. The primary difference between the LS990 and the LS Zero range is the ‘Plastering Frame’ which must be installed to accommodate the LS Zero Frame. The video below […]

KNX SPI Control

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Digital LED Controllers are designed for use in the control of digital LED Strip / Tapes, or often called ‘Pixel Tape‘. This tapes allows individual control of each LED Chip meaning you can form linear sequences and complex colour effects. As with every new concept, there is a requirement for a […]

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