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KNX VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detector

A VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a Laser based smoke detection system. The name VESDA has become a generic name for most air sampling applications but is a trademark of Xtralis. A VESDA detector is similar to a vacuum cleaner in that it sucks air from the protected environment via purpose built aspirating […]

Modular Smart Homes Ireland

As the Modular Home market becomes increasingly more popular, so do the advanced requests from prospective clients. One such request is for ‘Smart Home‘ technologies with features such as: Smart Lighting, Heating, Blinds providing a comfortable energy efficient environment. There’s a common misconception that Smart Home costs too much to consider as part of a […]

Building Automation Systems Ireland (BAS)

KNX Ireland is a premier specialist in the field of Building Automation Systems (BAS) offering a comprehensive solution of innovative hardware and software. Catering to the full scope of BAS, we offer control & monitoring of Lighting, Heating / HVAC, Shuttering, Security and more, within a single protocol. Our solution offers centralized building control from […]

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