Surround Sound Audio

At KNX Ireland, we primarily focus on the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) portions of a Building Automation Project however we are equally as comfortable with Home Audio Distribution Systems.

Designing an Audio Solution is more than just selecting speakers, it requires attention to details factoring in surfaces/textures, placement, room environment and much more. A proper surround sound system will at the very least be laid out to accommodate the room furniture layout and therefore provide an immersive Audio experience.

When we talk about Surround Sound, we typically look a 2 setups:

5.1 Surround Sound consisting of 5 Ceiling Speakers and 1 Sub-woofer

7.1 Surround Sound consisting of 7 Ceiling Speakers and 1 Sub-woofer

Both of the above examples demonstrate the need to factor in the location of user with all speakers projecting onto that location for an immersive experience. In addition the Sub-Woofer provides the necessary background bass to fill the room.

It should be noted that adding carpet, acoustic panels/tiles, curtains and furniture can help reduce the unwanted echo whilst achieving the desired depth of volume in the space.

For more information on Surround Sound and how it can play a core part in your Home Automation project, contact our sales team.

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