Hotel Lighting Control

Lighting Control in the Hospitality industry has become a must given the dynamic of customer retention based on environmental factors such as reducing light levels over the course of the day. Further, advancements in luminaires types requires a modern solution capable of reliability and ease of use.

At KNX Ireland, we specialise in Lighting Control systems with solutions for upgrade, replacement and retro-fit whilst catering all major Lighting Control Modes including:

  • DALI – Individual control of each luminaire including state
  • DMX – Typically used for complex colour control
  • TRIAC – Commonly used for luminaires without built in control gear (Pendants, etc…)
  • 0-10/1-10V – Individual control of each luminaire

Our systems are built on the KNX Protocol which is the ONLY worldwide standard for home and building automation. This global adoption is a testament to it’s quality and versatile. The current KNX market boosts 8000+ Certified Products ensure interoperability and interchangeability on the open-source framework.

So how does KNX factor again other major Lighting Control Systems such as Lutron, Philips Dynalite and Mode Lighting?

Interfaces all major lighting control modesUsually limited to one or two modes
Hardware is small in nature with no concern over heat build up Hardware is chunky requiring large panels with ventilation
Virtually unlimited design optionsLimited Design Options
Control of everything Lighting, HVAC, Shading, BMS and more. Limited scope of Lighting (and maybe Shading)
Open-Source & Non-Propitiatory with over 100K KNX Partners globallyPropitiatory Solution with a reliance on installer maintaining and retaining spare parts
Advanced TopologyLimited Topology
Can be maintained remotelyMaintenance must be on-site

If you have an existing system that requires replacement / upgrade or you are planning a new installation, please get in touch for free design and quotation. We have engineers throughout Ireland and can facilitate projects on short notice.

For more info: info@knxireland.com

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