SNOM VOIP Phone KNX Integration

Since we first caught a glimpse of the SNOM VOIP KNX Solution at ISE Barcelona in Jan 2023, we have been eagerly awaiting the official release of this innovative concept.

We are delighted that in 2024, SNOM have now officially released the solution for their range of approved VOIP phones:

The solution (designed by Simón Golpe) allows control and feedback on all elements of the KNX installation but focuses on the core elements of Lighting, HVAC and Door Access.

The initial concept is to allow management of desk cluster conditions by locally seated managers and/or independent office control by the resident. This has of course developed significantly with a host of new applications across several industry types. In addition to manual functions, some desk phones can also be utilised as presence detection meaning a simplified initial installation and/or retrofit solution.

Have a look at this short demonstration video:

To facilitate the integration of the solution, you will require:

  • An approved SNOM Deskphone (from above list)
  • A IP Interface or IP Router on your KNX Installation
  • A Symcon Symbox or SymconOS with the KNX Module

If you’d like to introduce SNOM VOIP KNX on your project, contact our sales team for more information.

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