Theben PlanoSpot 360 KNX Presence Detector

£224.76 + VAT

  • Passive infrared presence detectors for ceiling installation
  • Flat design with interchangeable cover frame in different colors
  • Square detection area 360° (up to 64 m2) for reliable and easy planning
  • Automatic presence- and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC
  • Two differently sized detection zones for greater flexibility. Adjustable via parameters or remote control.
  • Manual alignment of the detection area (swivel mechanism)
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL), halogen/incandescent lamps and LEDs
  • 3 directed light measurements
  • 2 light channels C1, C2 with 2 light measurements and additional lighting channel C3 without brightness factor
  • More below
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Lead Time Typically 2-4 Weeks
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