Contract Shading

Through our partnership with Vestamatic and Vasatec Contract Shading, we are pleased to offer our customers bespoke shading solutions with motorised controls. Vasatec provide commercial quality shading systems at excellent value and work with all major European Fabric providers.

This blog is a simple breakdown of what’s involved in ordering your custom roller shade solution, use the section drop downs below to read more:


The starting point is to measure the opening Width and Height (images below). It’s common for the shade to sit inside the window reveal so this measurement is usually your production measurement with an allowance for the bracket mounting.

If you intend to mount your shade outside of the window reveal, then you’ll need to allow an overlap at each side plus extra for the drop depending on the placement of the brackets (wall or ceiling). It is typically recommended to overlap the window reveal by 5cm on each side.

Material Selection

The type and composition of the chosen fabric will ultimately affect the performance of the shade so consider these important factors:

  • Material Composition – PVC, Fiberglass, Polyester
  • Openness Factor (OF) – How much light gets through
  • Screen Vision (SV) – Solar Reflective treatment for fabric with good glare control & OF
  • Reflection – PVC Lining used to control solar gain (room overheating)
  • GTOT – Solar transmittance through building fabric

Of course, the above factors, whilst important, are often easily summarised by simple terms, for example: I want solar reflection with maximum light coming through OR I want no light coming through.

As mentioned, Vasatec work with all major fabric manufacturers but here are two commonly used providers in the commercial contract shading market:

Mounting Options

How/where will the shade be mounted? This will affect the type of bracket you need with typical options including Wall Fixed, Ceiling Fixed and Double Blind Bracket.

Cassette Systems

Cassette’s are an optional extra used to conceal the tube with Round or Square options available. Other concealment bracket systems are available including recessed plaster in profiles.

Support Accessories

The most common support accessory is the base bar which keeps tension on the shade as it raises/lowers but other commercial options exist including Guide Wires and Side Channels, both of which hold the shade in a uniform position.

Control Options

We offer various options for control including non-motorised, consider these options:

  • Analogue Tubular Motor (AC and DC Options) – Entry level motorised shading
  • Digital (SMI) Tubular Motor (AC and DC options) – Performance motorised shading
  • Powered with RF Control Tubular Motors

In addition to these motor types, we support all major control systems including KNX, BACNET, MODBUS and LON. We also support propriety solutions such as ELAN, Control4, Loxone, Savant and RTI.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful but please get in touch for assistance with your contract shading solutions.

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