KNX SMI Shading

Shading Motor Interface (SMI), is the standard in building automation for the control of shades and shutters. SMI standardises the communication between controls and drives in a simplified wiring topology using a 5 Pole BUS System with various integration methods including KNX, MODBUS, BACNET, LON and so on.

Shading and Shutters are primarily installed to ‘control’ solar affects within a building such as over heating or to prevent glare. Through the use of KNX as the control solution, it is possible to entirely automate this process using a combination of GPS positioning of the building and the Sun (Azimuth & Elevation tracking). To do, this we utilise a KNX Weather Station such as the below:

SMI via KNX provides a fantastic solution for both commercial and residential shading due to the versatile nature of the topology and intelligence built into the Motor itself. In a similar fashion to DALI Lighting, an SMI motor will report fault status allowing a reactive approach from facilities management. Further, the control nature of the motors means a consistent and calculated height and slat rotation can be easily achieved.

For more info on SMI Shading and project specification, please get in touch with our project team.

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